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Japanese Chest

We carry Kitchen Chest, Step Chest, Clothing Chest, Merchant Chest, Tea Chest from early Showa-Period, Chest from various periods, and many other wonderful Japanese chests.

Japanese Fittings

Warehouse Door, Lattice Door, Ranma, Shoin, Wooden Door, Glass Door, our craftsmen will alter sizes according to your requirements.

Antique Tools

Lighting, Back Carrier, Brazier, Iron Kettle, Tsukubai stone, Tasteful Wooden Tools, Glass and more.

We mainly have dealt with furniture made in Meiji to early Showa Period. Using only the finest materials such as Japanese cypress (Hinoki) and zelkova (Keyaki), excellently crafted with the passion and professionalism of craftsmen from those period, these furniture have been preserved in good condition without breaking apart.

This is why we restore chests aiming inheriting usage for next one hundred year.

About the Restoration Skill

Showcase of our client’s installation Discovering timelessly wonderful antiques

KOFUKUAN provides excellently-maintained antique furniture and Japanese fittings with proper care to our customers.Our motto is to provide our customers with the deepest pleasure and magnificence of well-maintained fully functional antique furniture.
Wood work is done by expert wood craftsmen, polishing is by the finishing specialists, it is the style developed when these antique furniture is invented. KOHUKUAN’s specialists provides proper restoration and finishing according to customer’s intent, environment of usage, and condition of the furniture.
We promise to provide satisfying antiques to our customers from exhaustive persuasion of wood crafting and finishing.

  • 2013/07/27
    [Dear Customer]

    Announcement of summer holidays
    I will consider it as the period following the summer holidays I am so sorry.
    16 14 to August 1 August 31 - August Hachioji ... July
    The 20th 14 - August workshop in August ...
    I will open as usual for the web site and Machida.

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