• Sales company name
    Mukutorn Co., Ltd.
  • Operation director
    Takagi Eisaku
  • Location
    〒 197-0004 Tokyo Fussa Minamidenen 3-16-15
  • TEL
  • FAX
  • E-mail address
  • URL
  • Required payment other than product price
    consumption tax, fees for bank transfer,
    cash-on-delivery(C.O.D.) fee, and shipping cost
  • Order methods
    shopping cart, phone, e-mail, and FAX
  • Payment methods
    please refer to the Payment Method page for details
  • Method and timing of payment
    Please process transfer within 7 days after order confirmation
  • Product delivery time
    For more information, please refer to Delivery of products and storage page
  • About returns
    For more information, please refer to About Return and Exchange page
  • About personal information
    Personal information of customers submitted to this site will not be disclosed to a third party without permission of the person himself and/or herself based on the Personal Information Protection Act.
    However, if there are requests from courts, police, consumer information center, or other agencies with conforming authority, the information will be disclosed in response.
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Antique handling permit number
Permitted by the Tokyo
Metropolitan Public Safety
No. 308819904455
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