We will explain about the characteristics of antique chest and Japanese fittings we deal.


Ensuring the strength by joining

You may find abrasions and scratches from the aging in many years and months (about 100 years).
We ask your understanding of them as a savor.

They are the fragments of the history.

Stile setting (ensuring the strength using tenon set) is implemented basically for the case of antique chest and Japanese fittings, emphasizing meaning of the practicality in use and shutting off air, the plate parts are thinner than structural materials and has 10 to 25 mm in thickness.
The presence or absence of the plate parts (including gaps from aging) does not especially affect the strength of antique chest and fittings.
The strength of antique chest and fittings does not decrease from having the gaps shown on the left.


Pure furniture is alive

Antique chest and Japanese fittings belong to furniture group called pure material furniture (true wooden furniture), and they are still alive even after changing their forms to furniture. Thus they breathe and take expansion or contraction depending on the season.
It is characteristics of pure board and the evidence that they are alive when the phenomenon of appearing gap is recognized on the back plate or base plate of kitchen chest in some seasons.
(*It is the biggest difference between regular flash furniture)
Necessary repair works will be possible since they are living furniture.

Professional craftsmen fully understand the characteristics of antique chest and Japanese fitting will work on restoration piece by piece.We do not apply any repair work against the characteristics of the pure material. We respect the abrasions and scratches of antique chest and Japanese fitting lived through ages as savor.By repairing antique chest and Japanese fitting by our own hands with a long-term perspective while valuing the savor of them and perform what is required to preserve them for 100 year from now without turning away.Our corporate philosophy (Code of daily conduct) is not bringing them back as new as possible, but to provide our customer with antique chest and Japanese fittings that they can enjoy without stress.

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