For those who live in the country other than Japan
  • About international shipping
For those who live in Japan
  • For small products
  • For large products(Use Yamato Transport)
  • For large products(Using Rakuraku Kazai Takkyubin)
  • About shipping to isolated islands
About international shipping (Other than Japan)

We offer international shipping service utilizing see and air freight. (exclude some destinations)
We provide estimate each time based on the destination, product size and quantity.
Please feel free to contact us.

We request you to prepare in advance with plenty of time since exporting requires additional time in case of international shipping.

For small products (fot those who live in Japan)

Using Takkyubin

(Condition of use)
•Up to 160cm of total of Depth, Width and Height, Up to 25kg of weight, Item cost per package up to 300,000 Yen
•The next day and date specified delivery is available (exclude some areas)
•Time specified delivery service is available. (Available time slot may varies based on destinations)

For large products(For those who live in Japan)

Applicable for items with the weight that can be transported by a single driver.

Using Yamato Transport

(Condition of use)
•Use when exceeding above usage condition of Takkyubin.
•Able to dispatch multiple items using a single shipping slip.
•Delivery date can be specified.(Cannot specify the next day delivery)
•Delivery time cannot be specified.
•Yamato’s driver will deliver to the door.
•Please acknowledge beforehand installation will not be provided.

*In order to provide the lowest possible freight cost, we consult to Yamato Transport for each item. Thus we will inform you with the freight cost after the dispatching the item.
*Please feel free to contact us for verifying the freight cost in advance.

Using Rakuraku Kazai Takkyubin

•Item will be installed at the requested location by the driver.
•Delivery time can be specified.(Morning delivery is not available in some area)
•Available only for prepaid shipping by appointment only.
•Cash On Delivery (COD) cannot be applied.

img (Shipping cost can be easily checked by entering location of departure, destination of delivery and sizes.)
*Additional installation charges may be applied for the items do not have Delivery Rules.
About shipping to isolated island

Large or multiple items can be shipped to the isolated islands like Okinawa.
Individual shipping and container shipping can be arranged.
Please feel free to contact us.

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