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KOHUKUAN proposes a space creation utilizing benefits of the antique furniture and Japanese fittings for customers considering new construction and renovation. First, we would like to introduce common consultation issues from customer.

  • 01

    To begin with, is it possible to use antique Japanese fittings for constructing new buildings?

  • 02

    I have a favorite Japanese antique fittings in mind, but the size at the site is already fixed. But I really want to use it.

  • 03

    Since I do not have confidence for proceeding by myself, I need ranges of suggestions for design and others.

  • 04

    Want to have a life with antiques. But do not want any large constructions. Any good ways?

  • 05

    My carpenter is reluctant due to the luck of experience in handling antique furniture. Any good solutions?

  • 06

    It seems that antique Japanese fittings are heavy and hard moving them. I also have concern on security issues.

We have introduced these above typical consultation issues, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Antique chest and Japanese fitting is the solid furniture with very strong characteristics in itself.
Preparation should be processed with different point of view from dealing with ordinary furniture.
Please consult to us expertizing Japanese antique chest and fittings.
Our staffs will make their best effort to serve you.

  • before
    Old and tainted Fusuma is altered to create a beautiful glass door with retro design.
    The atmosphere in the room has improved with modern impression.
    A truly wonderful space.
  • before
    Reform utilizing old and tainted Fusuma into glass door and lattice door.
    A wonderful space created based on the customer’s imagination.
    Have very good reputation among friends.
  • 新築
  • 新築
  • 新築
  • 新築
  • 1. Please select your favorite antique Japanese furniture
    in our store or from our company website.

    After selecting favorite antique chest or Japanese fittings, prior consultation about work process, we will create an estimate.

  • 2. Craftsman from our workshop himself will visit for taking
    measurement for nearby customers.

    Please fill in the size verification sheet if you are in remote location. There may be a need for nearby customers to complete the sheet depends on the work content.

  • 3. After completion of work, product will be shipped.


introduction of excution examples for our customers

Here we are introducing the customers who realized the dream space with our gallery. Not all customers could achieve the dream smoothly.
However there are people who finally realized the dream by resolving problems in planning or rare objections and other issues with carpenters with their strong will. Please enjoy wonderful dream spaces.

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Antique handling permit number
Permitted by the Tokyo
Metropolitan Public Safety
No. 308819904455
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