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Machida Branch

Minami-ku, Kamitsuruma,
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Hachiouji Branch

Tokyo-to, Hachiouji-shi, Takiyamamachi,
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Our workshop located in suburban Tokyo.
All of our items are carefully inspected at our workshop.
The nature condition surrounding the workshop is harsh with water freezes easily in the winter and the sunlight does not reach in until arrival of the spring season.
We also have occasional heavier snow comparing to the city area.
However this environment is the best in terms of pursuit of restoration work.


Having no residential houses in the neighborhood enable us to drive all large size machineries at the same time.

It is most important for us to be able to drive the machines since they are deployed to provide an environment to our craftsmen so they can concentrate on devoting their effort in thinking process by streamlining simple tasks.
Our craftsmen at the workshop overcome the cold weather with their passion.

  • Kobayashi, Rei

    Collecting habit of wide varieties

    I also like antique myself very much. I tackle with my work every day so more customers can enjoy the atmosphere and presence that those furniture lived through generations brings that current area can not express.

  • Tomiura, Yukiohiro

    Driving, Taking a long beth

    Make 100 year old furniture ready for use for next 100 year with confidence.
    That is my desire.

  • Tadokoro, Masaaki


    Pease come and take a look
    Please come and see the beauty of one-of-a-kind furniture that mass produced ones do not have.

  • Ninomiya, Kanae

    Music, Sports

    True nature of
    In addition to the appearance and usability, I work thinking much of the true nature.
    I would like to present the height of Japanese aesthetics and the warmth that pure furniture has to our customers.

  • Satou, Takenoti


    Making daily effort for providing better quality products possible to customers.

  • Kobayashi Mina

    Cats, Reading

    Having fun working every day! I am thrilled all the time thinking of the next tasteful furniture I may deal with. Please stop by our shop by all means.

  • Kouno, Shou

    Swimming, Automobile

    Every day is for devotion.

  • Yamada, Takeshi

    Motorcycle touring

    Working every day as if communicating with each furniture thinking about the history behind them.

  • Kanda, Masao

    Free climbing, Motorcycle touring, Cooking, History (Sen

    I strive to my work imagining the smiling face of customers!

  • Andou, Michiyo

    Watching movies, Volleyball

    Please see the Japanese chest I worked on finishing at our store.

  • Tajima, Ken


    I indeed deeply impressed by the performance of craftsmen from those days dealing with Japanese chest and fittings each and every day.

  • Gotoh, Takuya

    Watching horror movies

    Knowing the past leads to innovations for the future. New things to be found every day.
    I am working every day, thinking about the meaning of passing the good things to the next generations.

  • Matsuoka, Hironori

    Music listening, Games

    I will make daily efforts to be a craftsman who can provide products satisfies customers.

Antique handling permit number
Permitted by the Tokyo
Metropolitan Public Safety
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